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What is Cub Scouts for Boys in Pack 1?

Pack 1’s Cub Scouts for boys is a year-round program that provides a wide-array of indoor and outdoor activities that seek to build an individual boy’s character, skills, knowledge, leadership, and have FUN in the process!

These “activities” are not just busy-work, they are part of a long-range program where each activity (achievement) is a stepping stone towards an ultimate goal. Along the the trail the boy will have many opportunities to earn recognition or awards that show they have complete each achievement

THIS is the advancement program. Depending on your boy’s age-group when he begins Scouting he will be placed in a group of boys called a den whom are all in the same grade. Together as a group, and with their families, they will work on specific requirements that when once completed will have earned them their “rank”. They will then be able to work on additional electives that may earn them “recognition beads” or “arrow points”. When the regular Pack Year (September through June) has reached its end (and the boy has successfully completed his rank) he will then advance with his den into the next age-appropriate program.  Once they have advanced into the next age-group there are various extra-activies they may choose to explore during the Pack’s Summer Schedule (July through August). 

Boys and their den typically advance together as a group (if starting from the very beginning in Tigers) over a course of FIVE years!  They will develop friendships and bonds that may continue afterwards when they leave the pack to move into Boy Scouts.  Along with these friendships they will have amassed knowledge and leadership skills that may serve them later in life.

For this program to be successful, AND FUN, there are commitments and expectations of Cub Scouts AND their sponsoring family member in Pack 1 that must be met. 

Commitment Expectations of Pack 1 for Cub Scouts

  • Attend weekly den meetings – Each den has a minimum of 2 den meetings a month that provide structured activities for the Cub Scout AND their family member to participate in together as much as possible.  These activities are planned around the advancement program that emphasizes each of Cub Scouts Core Values.
  • Attend monthly pack meetings – 1 pack meeting at end of each month from September through June that provides a gathering of all the dens to recognize cub scouts’ achievements, to provide opportunities for each den to share their month’s experiences with other dens, and for all cub scouts to participate in occasional or seasonal special events
  • Participate in den and/or pack level community service projects – Pack 1 participates in Road Side Clean-up twice a year.  Traditionally they are scheduled once in the fall and once in the spring.  Other special events are scheduled throughout the year at pack and den level that provide services to the local community and other organizations.

What is Cub Scouts for Families in Pack 1?

Pack 1’s Cub Scouts for families (Particularly the primary adult whom will be bringing the boy to Cub Scouts) is a year-round program that provides the adult family member the opportunity to spend quality time with their boy participating in the program. It is also an opportunity for adults to meet other adults whom share in Cub Scouts’ values.

Commitment Expectations of Pack 1 for Families

  • Attend weekly den meetings with their Cub Scout.
  • Attend monthly pack meeting with their Cub Scout.
  • Participate in den level and/or pack level community service projects with their Cub Scout.
  • MUST attend at least TWO of Pack 1’s monthly Committee Meetings during the pack year.  These meetings are typically held on the first Tuesday of every month from September to June to address issues, coordinate running the Pack’s Scout Program, and take care of financial and business needs. It is the FAMILY of the Cub Scout in Pack 1 that “makes things happen”.  If there is no one to help, then there simply is no Pack 1 for the boys!


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